I won’t let you make the great escape

I’ve never chose you
I’ve never wanted you before
I’ve never looked at you
I’ve never thought that it would be you
I could stand with that mini heart attack I got, every minute I found you was staring at me
I could survive against your love
Tried to ignore it, tried to dump it all
Until the day you went to my house
You took a nap in my bed
Run and tried to catch me
You got it
You got it
You got it
That day, I couldn’t stand anymore
I couldn’t survive against your heart
Your hands locked mine
Like they weren’t let me to escape from yours
All those little things you used to do was trying to make my heart surrounded
My heart couldn’t stand
My logic couldn’t try to survive
And to you I gave you all my heart
All of it
All of it
All of it
You got it for the first time in your whole life
So did I
I felt the regret in my heart when every butterflies flied from my stomach
Every voice notes you sent
Every message you sent
Every step we took together
Every happiness we got
Until the day when everything changed
The day you’ve never wanted in your whole life
So did I
The day when it took all the happiness we got
Took all the love we’ve planted together
You walked away
Tried not to look toward me
Tried to look forward in front of you
And what I did only follow your step
Follow your black shadow
Don’t know when will I tried to turn my head from you
I’m looking forward to the future you’re gonna turn your head and back to me
I know it won’t happen
It won’t happen
Won’t happen
Never happen
May now I regretted the day I gave all my heart
The day you defeated me
The day you locked whole of my heart inside yours
And I’ve never gotten it back to me
Cause I gave it all to you
I will never ever feel the same
Except you come to me
But promise me,
I won’t let you make the great escape
Won’t let you
Never let you
Promise me


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