That’s All About You

You are the star in my darkness
You are such an alarm in my morning that remind me there’s still a day to live
You are a ship in the lost ocean
You open up my eyes, then my heart, and take me away from him
You play the sweetest harmony in the silence
You coloring the white walls on my heart
You whisper the sweetest words
You paint the smile on my face
You put the lace on the blank pages of mine
You write the new story on my new book
You bring me to the new whole life
You changed my life before
You show me the new way to run by us from the old boring way
You hypnotize me to be not the same anymore
You make me wanna lost in love and don’t wanna be found
You make me can’t stop falling in love
You swab the tears on my eyes
You changed me a lot since I met you
You give me the clue to the happiness
You are all I need
You are all I want
And that’s all about you


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